User Guide

Welcome to Oninder

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying the best sex with someone who lives far away from you? Oninder is the global platform that allows millions of users to maintain intimate relationships on an occasional or continuous basis either with their partner or with new adventures.

With the app, now available for smartphones, you can take control of your favorite erotic toys and synchronize them with those of your lover to practice live cybersex from anywhere in the world. You will also be able to get the full potential of your toys since the app has different play modes and functions.

Functions without Registration

Enjoy your toy, without registering, but with full game functions.

Play modes

  • Classic Mode

Experiment between 6 different wave patterns, with 3 vibration levels each.

  • Microphone

With the app's permissions accepted, in Listen mode, use your smartphone's microphone to vibrate the toy.

  • Add your Music

Press the button and add your music to synchronize it with the toy.

  • Shake your Phone

In this mode, shake your smartphone to make your toy vibrate.


To register as a new user, access the app through the "access with account" button.

New User

In "new user" we will create a profile to be able to access the entire Oninder social network app.

I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, go to "Recover password". Enter the email address and follow the steps established in the email.

Edit your profile

From the main menu, access the profile.

Change your info

In the icon we can access to fill in or change the profile information.

Change profile image

We can change our profile picture from the icon.

Connect your toy

With Bluetooth turned on, turn on your toy and it will automatically connect to the app.


From the main menu, access "chat".

Search for users

In order to search for other users, click on the icon where we will access the "contacts" screen, where we will see the users registered in the app.

Add users

Click on the name we want to add and we will access their profile. We will be able to see their information and pictures.

From the profile, we can access "chat", "report" or "block user".

Start chatting

In the user's profile, click on the icon to start chatting.

View profile

In the chat screen, we can access the profile of the person we are chatting with.

Play together

Having the toy and being connected with bluetooth, we can initiate a vibration mode by displaying the menu (...) in the chat.

Request toy control

To control the other person's toy when switching modes (your toy/ X's toy) we will ask for control of the toy beforehand.

Report an incident

In the drop-down menu of the chat, we can report a user, choosing the reason and explaining what happened.

Block a user

Blocks the user and permanently deletes the chat room.

Delete chat

Permanently deletes the chat room with the user.

Privacy Settings

From the menu and in the "settings" section, we will find the information collected from my profile, reports, blocked users, terms and conditions and logout.

Account cancellation

From the main menu, "settings" > "settings", we can choose language, activate actions such as search by nickname or friend request, and account cancellation.

About the toy

EN | The safety information must be read before first use. Keep instructions for use.

Materials: silicone, ABS | Storage temperature: -5°C – +60°C
Maximum charging current: 500 mA
Interface: USB
Compatible with: Android & iOS
Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth

Risk of injury!
Remove piercings or jewellery in the genital area before use. Do not use the toy on irritated or damaged skin. Stop using the toy if you experience pain or feel unwell during use. Do not use the toy if it is:

  1. unusually hot.
  2. damaged or deformed.
  3. discoloured.

Notes on use
The instructions for use must be read in their entirety before putting the toy into operation. Keep the manual as it contains important information on safe use and obligations. This is a sex toy for adults, it is not a medical product and it does not have medicinal or other curative effects. Proper use also includes observing the quick start guide as well as the safety warnings listed below. The toy is rechargeable and allows for easy, cordless operation. Before its first use it must be fully charged. Only use the supplied USB charging cable for this. The first charging process can take up to eight hours.

Risk of injury due to fire/inflammation!
Do not extinguish the product with water. Do not throw the product into fire.

Risk of injury due to defective batteries!
Improper handling of batteries can cause uncontrolled exothermic reactions. In such cases, dispose of the entire product immediately in an appropriate manner.

Risk of injury to children!
Please keep the toy out of reach of children.

Risk of injury due to electric shock!
Liquid can cause damage to the electrical supply and endanger your health. Separate the toy from the charging cable/electrical supply during cleaning.

Danger of damage due to changing ambient
temperatures! Changing ambient temperatures (e.g. after transport) can lead to condensation. In this case, do not use the toy until it has adapted to the new ambient temperature.

Risk of damage due to overcharging!
Disconnect the charging cable from the electrical supply after each charge.

Information on device disposal and WEEE
In accordance with the European WEEE Directive and national regulations, the electrical appliances and electronic parts included in this delivery must not be disposed of via your household waste. At the end of the product life, they must be disposed of at a municipal collection point in order to ensure environmentally friendly disposal.