Payment Methods


This form of payment is immediate, comfortable and safe. When you finish your order, you can make the payment on the bank's page. Dreamlove will not receive this data nor will it have access to it. An order by card can be paid in the hour following its confirmation. After that time, if the payment does not arrive, the order will be automatically canceled.

For security, your bank will send you a code to your mobile to finalize the payment. For subsequent purchases, our system will remember your card details.

Virtual cards or prepaid cards

If you use virtual cards or prepaid cards, we inform you that the amount of your order will always be charged when we ship your products. Therefore, your payment card could expire in the period that goes from the moment you place your order until it is shipped or it may not have funds at the time the order is shipped. Verify that you have the order amount available on this type of card.

Also, if you use a single-use virtual card and your order includes several products with different delivery dates or one of the products is not available to be shipped immediately, you will have to generate a new card number for each shipment and update the data of your payment card in My account. For more information on virtual cards or prepaid cards, check with your bank.


* The order will be sent when the bank deposit has been confirmed. Send the receipt before 5pm so that the order is sent the same day of the bank deposit. The bank account numbers are;

EUR - IBAN ES63 0182 6096 28 0201535133 SWIFT / BBVAESMM ( EUR)

EUR- IBAN ES30 0081 7428-37 0001351144 SWIFT / BSABESBB ( EUR )

USD - IBAN ES11 0182 6096 23 2012225032 SWIFT / BBVAESMM ( USD USA )

*Once we receive the receipt we will be able to process the output of your order more quickly.

When making the transfer or income do not forget to indicate the same name that you have specified in the order form, so we can easily identify the origin of the amount. We remind you that many banks and savings banks allow you to make bank transfers using the internet (ask at your branch)

The order will be removed at 24 hours automatically if you do not send the bank receipt.


The easy, fast and secure way to pay over the Internet. If you still do not have a Paypal account, you can access its website and register to start enjoying its services


This form of payment is subject to a prior financial study from the administration department, you can request this form of payment by writing to

The payment term will vary depending on the particular conditions of each client.


You can place your order to pay for it when the agency delivery person delivers it to you. There are some particularities for the cash on delivery payment:

  • Maximum order amount: € 1,000.
  • Available for orders destined for mainland Spain, the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and for Portugal.
  • Additional cost of 0.8% on the purchase price.
  • You can have only one active cash on delivery order. You will not be able to place a second order until the first has been delivered to you.
  • It is important to have the exact amount of your purchase prepared. The agency dealer may not bring change and will deliver your order only after paying the amount for it. Dealers do not usually carry a POS to read cards either.
  • Before a voluntary return of a product and / or order, the management costs will not be reimbursed.